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Fast, aggressive mini-slot scanner increases productivity and improves customer satisfaction The LS5800 omni-directional, in-counter mini-slot scanner from Symbol Technologies provides high throughput and first-pass read rates to speed customers through checkout. The combination of hands-free scanning and aggressive performance provides fast, accurate scanning with minimal cashier effort. The end result is quicker and more productive checkout operations and satisfied customers. Superior performance, high reliability and secondary scanner input Ideal for the demanding requirements of point-of-sale scanning, the in-counter LS5800 offers excellent throughput and high reliability. Standard features such as scan stitching and sophisticated decode algorithms further boost the scanning productivity. For applications with mixed merchandise sizes, you can connect a secondary handheld scanner to the LS5800, which gives you the flexibility to scan large and oversize items at checkout while still benefiting from the LS5800's high throughput for small to medium size items. And with more than 200,000 installed worldwide, you can be confident that the LS5800 will provide you with the continuous, reliable scanning performance that you depend on for your critical point-of-sale needs.

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